Old Treasures

My mother and I have been cleaning out our old office so we can sell the building. We moved our office last December to an office suites complex to “simplify” our lives and for the opportunity to expand our locations. As mom and I pulled old boxes out of the storage closet and began to sort out promotional materials it hit me how many changes our industry has gone through in the 18 years we’ve been in business. Here are some of my favorites:

1. The Hotel Book – before the internet, we had to research hotel and condo options from this huge, heavy book. It was the encyclopedia of Hotels.

2. The Suppliers “phone book” from 1997. I still love this book and have one in my desk today. Unfortunately several business were lost after 911.

3. A handful of programs that included a floppy disk for installation.

4. VHS training and promotional tapes.

5. And my favorite…One of the first online booking engines for dial up. Can you say eeee uurrr mmmmm.

Until the office sells, I’m considering opening the Travel Agency museum. I’ll keep you posted on opening day!

Thanks for your support over the many, many years we’ve been in business.


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